What are your stillwater goals (if any)

I am mostly a stillwater fisherman so I decided to post this thread in the stillwater forum.

Anyways, what are your goals? Do you even set goals? Maybe you want to join the 20/20 club (size #20 fly w/20 inch trout). Save up enough money to make a trip to an out of state lake. Slam a trifecta (three species of trout) in one day . Become a better XXXX style fly fisherman?......or maybe just have more fun. For me, I would like to release a golden trout. I have never caught one or seen one in person. I hear that they are around and I am going to make an honest effort to catch one this summer. Whatever your goals are....I am interested in hearing them.

Learn my local waters. Spokane Co. alone will keep me occupied for many seasons.

Branch out into warmwater species. I've never targeted lmb, crappie, or tiger muskie.

Buy a boat for big lakes. I've caught a whiff of the opportunities that are available to a power boat. I want in on that game.


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Personally, my goal whenever I go out to fish anywhere is to catch fish. More specifically, though, I would most definately like to fish for and catch Pike and Muskie. None of the lakes around here have 'em.


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My parents are selling their lake home in central Minnesota. I have to get a northern, a walleye and a bass (greater than 3#) on the fly in June before they move. The pressure is on.

Jim Wallace

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I want to get better at it! Learn the ins and outs of chironomid fishing. Learn about the bugs and hatches. Also, visit and explore new still waters. Trek to some of the places i've read about in E WA and SE BC. Hit some of the O.P.'s high lakes, if my knees continue to sort of hold up.

Fish for warmwater species...haven't done very much of that, but a 6" Bluegill once put a bend in my 6wt that was pretty impressive for such a small fish... it was barely bigger than my hand! They'd be a gas on a lighter outfit. Also, find a good Smallmouth lake that's not too far away.
My goals are:
1. Find the patience to chironmid fish Pass lake with proficiency.
2. Learn Whatcom county lakes well since with gas being what it is I can't afford to be all over the west or the state for that matter.
3. Learn the small mouth bass fishery on Lake Whatcom.
Fish lots.

Fish lots of new places - - Argentina fall of 2009:thumb:

Catch fish considered to be trophy size for the respective water.

And mostly enjoy fishing with friends and just plain having fun.:beer2:

Mike Etgen

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Learn and enjoy the local lakes. They're all over the place here, with several an hour or less away, including some that are selective gear - C/R only.

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My goal is to work less, fish more. nothing good can come from a life of constant toil. I work in fly fishing, but still need to take more time to fish, fish, fish.


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Learn to fish lakes better until the rivers open up on the 1st!

Catch bass and carp on the fly! Learn a bit more about Pass lake and fish Lone lake this spring! (If it ever warms up again... )


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My goal is to figure out the ways of all trout that are found in lakes, the seasons of their behavior, from late Autumn through the end of Spring. I know it's more than trout going deep when the water gets warm.

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