What are your stillwater goals (if any)

I would have to say that my goal (as a second year fly fisherman) is to buy less gear and spend more time/resources actually fishing. That being said I have invested in a new tent and some camping gear so that I can extend my stays lakeside. I am also looking hard at buying a military m416 style trailer to convert to a tent trailer behind my Jeep! Gearhead habits die hard!
Learn to catch fish consistently, no matter the conditions. I often feel lost out on a lake, trying to figure out how to catch the fish..... Seems a little easier in moving water.

Explore/learn my local lakes and streams. Discovers some alpine lakes. Catch more trout. Attempt to catch some warm water fish when the temperature rises. And catch two steelhead in a day! Oh and meet a girl who wants to do all of this stuff with me!! Not getting my hopes up on that last one!
I would have to say try and take advantage of the many lakes close to home that have warm water fish opportunities. Rather then just hanging it up until the weather cools down in the fall.


Native Trout Hunter
My goals for stillwaters in the future are in Washington to catch a Tiger Trout and a Kokanee on the fly. Out of state they are to go down to Eagle Lake in California and catch some rainbows (distinct subspecies), catch an Atlantic in Hosmer Lake, catch a Lake Trout and possibly Arctic Char in Alaskan stillwaters.

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