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Charles Sullivan

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am looking to build a 5 weight switch to toss hoppers and streamers this fall in Montana and possibly for summer runs or beach fishing. There seems to be three choices, the rainshadow, Beulah or Dan Craft ten footer. I have a batson 11-6 spey that I enjoy and a Beulah 13-6 that I also enjoy, so I am leaning towards the rainshadow or Beulah. I am aware that the Beulah has a great reputation, any feedback in the Rainshadow? It is half the price, Is it comparable? What line do people use on the Rainshadow? I assume that the elixer is the line for the Beulah.

Hey Charles. Another option you may want consider is the Meiser switch rods. I imagine a system 4 or system 6 may cover the situations you intend to fish. Blanks as well as complete builder kits are avaiable from Meiser, plus youll get Meisers input also! Just thought Id add this to make your decision even MORE [email protected]! Just joking. Good luck. Kevin

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My 2cents is that; while Rainshadow makes some of my personal favorite casting rods, I have found that they are fragile. I would guess we break 3x as many as anything else. That said, they are extremely popular with clients, and frequently see use day after day.

The sweet spot on the Rainshadow is more forgiving (in my opinion) on the beginning switch caster.

Common sense does tell me that is it possible to repair the Rainshadow multiple times for the price of the Beulah. I just had a single hander rainshadow rebuilt 2 or so months ago and it was a grand total of $57.

Common sense also tells me that if I break one on day 3 of a 25 day straight, out of town stretch of guiding I am not going to feel like going through the hassle of the return.
I own two of the rainshadows that were made by Fethastyx (Hope I could say that). One is a 10'6" 6wt and other is a 10'8" 8wt. I love them. They have a forward handle slightly shorter than a Beulah but longer than a standard single hander. My brother has the same two rads but have a longer handle. I toss a 6/7 Elixer on the 6wt and 8/9 Elixer on the 8wt. both are rockets, switch and overhead :thumb: He is using a 300 grain Skagit on his 6wt and not sure about the 8wt. I am a man of not a lot of money so that is why I went with Rainshadow and have fallin deep in love. If my wife is looking at this post I am talking about a fishing rod not another woman :rofl:


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