Went to Wye lake (kitsap cty) with some frineds this morning. Around 9:30 I hooked into a large 20" rainbow. She was so big I couldn't get her into my net. One of my friends came over and gave me a hand to coral her. Biggest RB I have ever hooked in any lake except for Cady Lake.

Would have like to release her but the battle pretty much did her in.
In my excitement I forgot to mention that I was using #10 Olive Wooly Bugger with red cone head. Trolling just off shore. When the fish hit I thought it was a bass by the explosive way the fish hit the fly.


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Kudos on that fish. Nice hen. I've been by Wye once but wasn't able to fish it that day. It looks like a nice little lake to work with a float tube. It seems that often there are these little lakes that people have a habit of overlooking that manage to put out a nice trout or three.

Hit that baby again, and give us another report!

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--Dave E.
I still have a problem with one of the bladders. One half still leaks but I am able to still use it by blowing up the outside side. So instead of having a margin of safty I fish like everyone else. one bladder each side.