Yakima and motor boats?

I remember a while back someone posted on here (their first post) wondering if motor boats were allowed on the Yakima. It caused quite a stir from what I remember and I thought it was just someone goofing around, trying to get a rise out of the fly fishing folks.

Well this evening at about 5:30 I was stalking a fish (for quite a while with no success) just up river from Wilson Creek, and I hear the sound of a motor boat. Then it came around the corner and it had to be going 25 miles an hour. They weren't poking around and it wasn't a small boat. It was a damn big boat. :reallymad

Of course the wake from the boat hit the sides of the river and the river was instantly mud. My fish was no longer rising and my day was ruined by these freaking idiots.:reallymad

Then they turned around at some point and decided to make another pass. I guess they probably had no clue that others use this river for other reasons, but it was mind boggling to me that they could see me standing in water above my waist, but still cruised by at a very high speed. Twice!

Needless to say, I felt this was my cue to go home and try that fish another day. It was a nice sized fish, too.

Anyone else ever witness something like that on the Yakima? :dunno

fThats funny this came up. I just got off the river and @ around 6:30 I was in between Ringer and Big Horn when I was suddenly startled by a train coming down the river, oh wait it was a jet boat. They were nice enough to turn around as soon as they saw me though and rip back up the river. I asked my step dad if they were allowed to be up that far and he said that he had heard they have rights to the whole river. But you know what will scare you more than a jet boat creeping up from behind you a helicopter. One day last summer I was in the canyon ahead of my step dad on our ponttons and from right behind me a copper came scraming down the canyon 25ft off the river what a shocker. I think they got a thrill out of scaring the *^%& out of me. Anyone else have any experiences on the yak besides getting flashed by college coeds storming by on there rafts. Its never happened to me but that sure would be sweet.
Never witnessed this on the Yak and I'm sorry that you did. Boats with motors are only allowed from Roza dam upstream to the Roza recreational access site. It would have been nice to get the license plate number off of their vehicle...but finding it probably wouldn't be trivial. With a jet boat, they could've launched anywhere from Roza to Ringer.

I fished the lower canyon as well today and saw 4 speed boats at Roza joy-riding in the final slackwater stretch. I really didn't know what to think of the whole scene.

I guess that there's nothing to stop them from joy-riding, except social conscience. But when you have no understanding or regard for a river that has basically become a fly-fishing refuge, then I guess those guys don't really care what we think of them.


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All boats over a certain length have to have numbers on them and they have to be regestered(sp). Just use the numbers off the side of the boat and use them to call it in. They might get a ticket and again they might not.


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