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I'm pretty sure Meiser has more than one source, I may stand corrected though. I know Meiser was getting much of his graphite from CTS in the past, for the MKS, Highlander, etc. Once Meiser teamed up with TFO for the deer creek series, I believe much of the graphite was out of Korea, because it was more available to keep up with demand. One thing I know is that CTS is having, or at least was having trouble keeping up with the demand of their great graphite. Last I heard they were in the process up enlarging their production facility, that was a a couple years ago. I believe Korea makes excellent graphite too, I love my Deer Creek TFO thats for sure.

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Just to add to your confusion, I believe the TFO Kinney Meizer Deer Creek rods may be currently made in China, but it honestly is no big deal.

Meiser designed or at least shared in the design of all these blanks, but any of the models could be made at any graphite blank rolling facility that has the appropriate materials and the technology required to meet his rolling specifications. Depending upon the complexity of the design, the pool of possible rolling shops might be only one shop or it could include quite a large number of facilities.

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Meiser's MKS, Highlander, and new Hybrid blanks are rolled for him by CTS of New Zealand, as have all but one of his blank series for many years now. The only blanks that Meiser has designed and sells not rolled by CTS are his Clearwater Series blanks, which are made in Korea and are essentially the same blanks used in the TFO Deer Creek Series 2-handers. The Meiser Clearwater Series blanks are about 1/2 the price of his standard MKS, Highlander, or new Hybrid Series. Also the Meiser Clearwater Series blanks are single modulus, while his MKS, Highlander, and new Hybrid Series blanks are multi-modulus blanks (i.e. they have diffrent types and stiffnesses of graphite used for different section of the rod).

TFO blanks (and completed rods) are rolled (or made) in Korea, this includes the TFO Deer Creek Series 2-handers designed by Meiser and Kinney.

Beulah has its blanks and rods rolled and made in China. Beulah blanks have never been made by CTS, they have always been made in China.

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