Don't take your Sportspal Canoe into the saltwater

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Those Radissons are very similar to the Sportspals, except their hulls were only 2 mm thick, whereas the Sportspals are 3 mm thick (when I was doing my research 6 years ago. Maybe that's changed?). Thats how Radisson gets theirs to weigh less. It might not last as long as the Sportspal in the salt.

I saw a huge diesel p/u towing an Airstream trailer yesterday on I-5. It had a large Old Towne sq stern on the roof. Maybe 18 feet long, with a camo paint job. Made out of some kind of polyethylene or royalex. That thing looked like it could hold four people. Heavier, but more durable construction. It was big, and it was a sq stern canoe.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Does anyone here know of any other canoes that are capiable of handling 4 people. It will be used by myself, wife and 2 kids(5 and 6 y/o). I'm planning on carrying it on a truck rack and pull my travel trailer so weight is an issue. Again, I really like the Radisson and I am hoping they can modify it and leave out the foam for me. If the mfg leaves it out maybe they can make the ribs fit right also.
OK, I just looked up the Canadian sq stern. its made by Esquif. Just ggogle Esquif Canoes and take a peek at the Cargo model. Its 17' long with 4 seats, made from royalex. These may be the lightest ones you can find.
Check out the Heron for a smaller one. I think these may be the best sq sterns available! I don't know. I am not connected with any marketers or sales or stores in any way. Just my opinion. I may have to get one! You can never have too many boats as long as you have a place to store them cheaply.:beathead:

Now I must leave to paddle my Naive 12 into some secluded backwater. :D It needs to be eddycated.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
The Sportspals are made in Michigan by Meyers. Mine was, anyway. Says so right on the boat. And at the time I bought it, I searched various forums and the discussions I read indicated the Radissons were Canadian built. Also, the foam pad on the Radissons was supposed to be only 3/8" thick, as opposed to 1/2" on the Sportspals. Maybe everything changed since 2002.

Often, if you google the brand name and get on the manufacturer's website, they have a list of dealers and you can find the one closest to you.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
OK. I found the source of confusion. MY Sportspal was made in the USA by Meyers Boat
Company. These are sold by If you go on Castlecraft's website and follow the links to read about their "Sportspals," they have a disclaimer that states that their boats are not the same as the ones manufactured in Canada. They discuss the difference, and claim their's is better, of course. Different company, and a different boat...they look alike and have the same name, and are very similar, but what we have here are two different independent companies selling very similar, but different, products.

Each company uses a different grade and thickness of aluminum, as well.

That is why the Canadian company sells their boats in the USA as "Radissons" and not as "Sportspals." There's already a "Sportspal" being marketed here (made by Meyers Boat Co.). The Canadian company apparently doesn't even want to admit all this, as I couldn't find anything on their site, either. Confused yet?:confused:

The Canadian boat may very well be better made that the Meyers. Or not. I wouldn't know.

But I'm through with 'em. Sorry to throw a wrench into your planning, but maybe you'll thank me later.:rolleyes:
I had no reason to research it until you made the clarification that yours was made in the USA. They are apparently very similar and would have the same problems. When I did a search for 4 seater canoe I found the Sportspal/Radisson. Then I did a seach for reviews/problems on those brands and found this site. Didn't know I would find attitude also. Sorry to have bothered you. I will leave yall alone. But thanks any ways for the help.??
Not that any of you care but I did choose the Esquif Cargo canoe. I got it shipped to me for $1480.00. Thanks Jim for the head up on the brand. I was also having a hard time finding a 2hp motor I liked which is the max for the Radisson. The Cargo max is 3.0hp. I went to Bass Pro Shop, actually it was the Tracker Boat dealer in Bass Pro Shop. They had a nice saltwater friendly Mercury 2.5hp 4 stroke motor for $685.00 brand new. That was cheaper than if I was to buy a Saltwater trolling motor, battery, and charger.

Again, even though yall did not make me feel comfortable or welcome, I certainly welcomed the help and advise.

Thank you

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Seb503, thanks for letting us know what your final choice was. You have my sincere apology for calling you lazy. I was in a shitty mood realizing the extent of the damage to my ol' sportspal, knowing I might have to scrap it. I felt obligated to find out as much info as i could and post it, since you originally posted in response to my warning about my experience with my boat. I could have tied a few good cutthroat files in the time I dug around. No problem, though, as I felt it was my responsibility after starting the thread.

I'm glad to hear you found a satisfactory boat, and a good motor to go with. Sounds better than the Sportspals. Yes, a small 4-stroke is often lighter that a trolling motor and battery combined.

Please let us know how you like it, after a few go-outs. I'm interested in hearing about those Esquif Cargo canoes, myself.

But I'm messing with my new boat for now. I just finished whipping up an anchor trolley system, with a float, for my new Ultimate 12 kayoe. This is what kayakers use to anchor up safely. This lets one trolley the anchor line attachment point either forward to the bow or back to the stern. Can trolley it back to midship with one hand and unsnap it and let it float if I get a big fish and don't want to get tangled. Then simply go back and retrieve the anchor, or hook up to it again.

I'm going to go test it out in a bit.
Well, I got my canoe. It's BIG :eek:. I think it is going to be just what I was looking for. It feel sturdy, but a little heavy. Not too much that I can't handle though. I haven't had a change to try it out yet. :eek: I'm getting a set of pontoons for it to have that extra securty with my 2 kids, 4 and 6, in it. I am buying a set from a guy local. He actually developed this particular one. It's called Kaynoe. He is actually delievering them personally next week. If any bodies interested the website is
I'm leaving next sunday on a camping trip and going to take the canoe with me. I will give an update when I get back.
Just giving an update. Everything is great. Very stable on the water. Also the Kay-noe pontoons make it extremely stable. I have had it out in open water with 10-15 mph winds passing large boat creating 2-4 foot wakes. I never felt uncomfortable, even with my wife and two kids in it with me. The little 2 1/2 hp mercury outboard pushes it about 7 mph.

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