Dry Falls, sorry not a report

It's occured to me that the only times I've fished Dry Falls were in late April and once in mid-May (and that time, in '02, had identical weather to the late April trip that year). I'm planning to go in June, but circumstances are indicatiing later June. I'm hoping to hit the damsel migration/hatch, and I assume June is a great time for that.

My worry is that it may be too hot by then (I don't want to further stress fish who have enough to deal with). I drove by the over-look one scorching July day shortly after the 4th. Nobody was fishing.

Though the past performance does not guarantee future returns, I wonder if the collective memory of this board has any insight into June fishing at Dry Falls.


How late is late? Late June can be pretty good and perfectly rotten.

You can see extremely good and frustrating surface activity in the long evening after the sun drops below the coulee rim. Take plenty of 6x tippit, your best casting arm, and lots of very good chironomid emergers. I've had 20-fish evenings and been skunked with fish rising all around me for three hours.

Sometimes the early morning can be very good and you will have it more to yourself, again chironomids on top and fussy fish. Depends on how late in June and how hot it's been. As the month drags on, especially if it's hot, the mid-day hours are going to be perfectly dreadful. Unless you get lucky and they're on adult damsels, and then you'll have the best fishing of your life. If not, find 30 feet of water and lower a chironomid down to about 23. Wait. The scenery is very nice from down there, a bright blue disk of sky above the vertical cliffs, the sun right smack dab in the middle.

On the other hand, a little break in the weather, or a generally cool month, and the fishing could be great all day (damsels, damsel nymphs, mayfly nymphs, maybe some dries).

I'd go. I think most people consider the lid on the coffin by June 30 (the 4th notwithstanding), so generally speaking, the more days between you and the end of the month the better.

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