Swap Two fly October caddis swap


"Chasing Riseforms"
I'm poking along. Thought I would let you know I'm ALIVE! I still have my drys to do. Finishing up my beadhead pupa October Caddis pattern.

Zach M

Because I floss so hard
starting my flies. what color should i do for the nymphs? i dony know what color i should do. i have one in mind but not sure if its accuate
i ran out of hooks so i have to go out and get some but then i will be done
Are you serious?? Dude, how does someone run out of hooks? I saw your post in another thread that you lost the flies you tied for another swap. What??? How does this happen?? If you need to borrow a couple thousand hooks, let me know. You need to stop tying flies while you are naked!! C'mon now, put your clothes back on and lets get em tied......


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