Meiser Hybrids??

Matt Burke

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"These are shooting head specific rods"

Those are the only kind I use even if they don't want to be. Since I've had your rod for several years now, and it is the only one that didn't break, this new line of rods sounds really awesome. Looking forward to giving them a try. Sure love that 15 footer, but it would be nice to have the same stuff in a 14 and 13, but lighter wts like you stated above on the new line.
These are shooting head specific rods <> Not best suited for mid to long belly classic Spey tapers as can be the MKS and Highlanders.

Why is that? Highlander stiff tip, stiff butt, progressive rod, suited fo mid belly, these stiff butt, stiff tip, progressive action not suit for mid bellys?? What is the difference between the highlander and the new rod?

As has been mentioned several times ...

... It would be best for you to give the shop a call some time so we can address your various questions in a bit more detail.


Bob Meiser


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Hey Bob, had the 15' 8/9 on the Kowlitz yesterday, chucking Skagit Heads and trying not to go for a swim or cast too any smolts. Tough spring here.
Damn I love that rod.

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