Favorite Fly Tying Beverage


From Parts Unknown
Grandma Sweeney's Country Quencher, in the green bottle. If I am out of that, I'll hit the Thunderbird or Mad Dog 20/20.

Ed Call

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I have to be really focused or I'm buying flies. A good micro brew, but rarely two or more otherwise I'm wasting time, materials and again...buying flies.
I usually have a St Pauli Girl, Becks or one of the many fine beers from New Belgium brewery in Colorado... or two... or three. It tends to go from what I need towards what would be fun to experiment with about 1/2 way into #3. :beer1:

Jim Ficklin

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Geetar comes out after I've snapped-off tying thread a sufficient number of times . . . . and I reckon nobody ever agreed that I could sing . . . did tie-up a few marabou/dyed possum-fur damsels of my own design today, however . . . dynamite for picky trout when slick water prevails . . . .


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