Spey rod,size and length for a beginner.

Hello everyone, I,m a new member from Australia and want to ask the question,from a beginners perspective, what would be the best rod length and weight for a person who is a good caster with my Sage XP 9foot 6weight, which I do alot of trout fishing and also some saltwater fishing in Sydney harbour after the Kings and Salmon with my Vision 8weight.
I am fasinated with some of the video footage of some of the spey casters that are around today,I want to find tune my casting skill level,I may not fish alot with this new rod but would like something which would cover most fishing applications.
I was looking at the TFO Deer Creek Spey rods or even the Z-Axis which I saw on the forum and seemed to be a good balance of rods that are at my price range.
Sorry to be so long winded in asking this question thanks for your time.



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First and formost, welcome to what has to be the 'farthest afield' member of the Board.

But back to your question, and it's a darned good one. First and foremost, 'Bigger IS NOT Better' regardless of your casting ability. Given the rod you mentioned above (a darned good single hander I might add) I'd recommend you NOT go over 13'6'' 7/8wt or the exception would be a 6/7 14' rod or a rod rated as a 6/7wt.

Remember, your gear should be appropriate for the river/fish size you're chasing. With that in mind you'll tend to find the UK guys tend toward 16-18 foot rods in 10/11 or 11/12 line weights. But keep in mind they're (frequently) chasing Atlantic Salmon. But wait a moment here Fred, the 'Euro' line weighting system there is not the same as here.

Yes in deedie, yes in deedie do US rated rods/lines tend to be heavier than their Euro counter parts. Our 8/9 would be very close in 'total grains' as our brethren's 10/11. Keep that in mind as you pick/choose the line/line manufacturer (see, there really is something to be gained by knowing the 'grainage' of spey lines.

So to sum this up: gear should be 'fish appropriate' and 'appropriate' for the size of river you're actually going to be fishing. Skip the "I have to do 100 + foot casts' mentality; bulk of fish you're likely to actually hook will be within 30-40 foot of the bank your standing on.

Just my thoughts.:ray1:


PS: From personal experience you can handle a hell of a large fish on a 7 wt spey rod.:thumb:
Hye, Fred thank you for your input as I am a novice in this department,and will gladly take your comments on board,I just want to learn and be a better caster and it is exciting to be on these forums and be able to talk to people like yourself that take time to help beginners.
Thank you


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Man, you are gonna get a ton of answers to this question and most of them though different will probably be right...
So here's my suggestion based on a couple things you said-
Look at Sage 6126 . Great all around rod, you can get one with the same graphite IV that's in your XP 9 (I think) It's not to heavy to fish all day,
yet will wip fish up to 10 lbs. quite nicely, while still giving you some fun on 16"-20" trout-
And after awhile if you decide to unload it, you will get most of your money back or maybe even more for they have great resale value-
I'm new to this too, have more Spey rod's than I really should now, but If I could only use one to learn on, this would be it-
Good luck, and WELCOME TO THE ADDICTION!:thumb:
Hello to everyone that replyed,
I have just purchased my first spey outfit that has been put togeather by one of our more experienced members on the forum,which suits my fishing applications here in Sydney,Australia it is a TFO Deer Creek 7/8 13" with matching reel and a Rio AFS shooting head kit, which I should have alot of fun in the park with, and we as amateurs will have many question to ask.
Tha Sage was alittle more expensive, but as my addiction gets more out of control I will just have too buy another rod to add to my collection.
As a beginner it will be a new learning curve for me but it will be lots of fun.




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And Just when I thought I was the only Aussie lurking
Good forum hey Parfish.
If you are interested in casting lessons , I have been organising some with Morsie.
We had the first one last week out at the olympic regatta course at penrith.
he & Justin Duggan were schooling the guys on everything from beginners loops through to Spey

Get on the FLYLIFE Forum and find Red ROD FFC casting days thread.
My current setup exists of a #8 weight Rod with a Tioga #8 Large Arbor reel. The reel is brand new and I haven’t bought any line for the trip yet because I am still doing research on line type. I did get a spare reel with it which I might want to rig as well.
My suggestion is please give more information. In my opinion there are other questions that need to be answered.

what size and type of water will you be fishing, what size and type of flies will you throw, under what conditions will you fish (wind etc), what size type of fish will you target?
Good afternoon Parfish.
What rod did you end up buying ?

Yes, there are few from Australia on this Board, watching but sadly not adding much content.

Kind regards,

stewart dee

I like a new or used Meiser in a 12'6" or 13'6" 7/8 wt. Wish my learning curve would have accompanied one of his sticks because I feel I would be a better angler today. Lots of backbone for lifting line and fighting fish, well balanced and just sexy looking.
Yes, there are few from Australia on this Board, watching but sadly not adding much content.

Kind regards,
Not to worry about your level of 'contribution,' it's amazing what you can learn that's directly transferable to your fishing situations. I regularly post to four different UK based fly boards as they have 'ways of doing things' I've never seen/read anywhere else.Not to mention equipment rarely/if ever see the light of day in the US of A. And let me tell you they (and some of the fly patterns) REALLY WORK for Steelhead fishing. A bit of it is complete 'tosh' for what my particular situation is here in Southern Oregon (course fishing as an example), but much of the rest just flat works!

But as to the initial question of what rod/reel/et. al. the mix (as has been well said above) is river and fish dependent. Most folks have a tendency to 'over-kill' their first set up; major error in $$$$.

Fred Evans

Edit: Forgot to add, we also have a few posters here from the UK and NZ on board.
Welcome. Just to add a few cents worth, I concurr on the type fishing you are doing dictating your needs. I have a Z-Axis 5110 switch that I use for many applications including beach fishing. I also have been lucky enough to acquire the aforementioned Sage 6126 and the Deer Creek 7/8 as well as a few others in varios sizes. They all have their special quirks. I use an AFS on the Deer Creek, a Scandi Head on the 5110, and a Delta short Belly on the 6126. They all work equally well for the situations and I am relatively new to Spey Casting having just picked it up again after aout six years of absence. I'd recommend you find some of these rods and see if you can try them out. Then choose the one(s) that suits your needs and get that one. You can get others as the desire or needs dictate. I wouldn't say that one rod fits all situations just as all single handers not working for every need as well. Just get your checkbook out and join the rest of us who are insane about flyfishing in general and spey fishing in particular.
Hello to all ,
Have not been on the site for a while, just observing i have been studing for my FFF/CCI Instructors which i passed in sept 2009
I am in the study process for my Two handed in the next few years
The two handed i bought was the Deer Creek 7/8 13 foot which is a good casting rod for beginners,i used it too fish the tredbo river for trout, great for roll casting the deep poles
I have bought another toy to play with, for my FFF/two handed instructors, a Tcx 14 foot 9/10 weight which is so light and very fast rod to cast with a airflo/delta spey long and short belly lines
I hope this reply is not to long winded for any one.


Parfish (Sydney, Australia.)