Swap Pacific Salmon Fly Swap - Salt and fresh

Cameron Derbyshire

Steelhead, Classic Atlantic salmon flies

With the release of Les Johnson and Bruce Ferguson's new edition of Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon, I thought it would be a good time to start a swap for Pacific salmon flies. I had a couple of ideas: go with one pattern for each swapper; each swapper submit one saltwater and one freshwater pattern; or each swapper submit two patterns of his/her choice. Let me know what you think.

Edit: I'm thinking of having a "flies in my hands" deadline of Aug 1st, which is a Friday which will let me get everything packaged on the weekend, out in the mail on Monday, and into your waiting hands by around Aug 8th. Let's try to close the swap by June 20th or when we get ten participants. We'll each receive a fly box's worth of goodies. When we close, I'm PM everyone my address. My personal preference would be to have everyone submit two patterns. It's your choice what you tie. Let's try to leave out anything standard I can get at any fly shops' fly bins. If you want to tie two salt or two fresh water patterns, fine.

Pac Sal Fly Swap participants:
1. Cameron - received
2. Fly Punk - received
3. D3Smartie - received
4. Dinker - done - received
5. TwinLakesLeach - done - received
6. Steve Rohrbach
7. Bigguy - received
8. Obiwankanobi
9. Slippery_whippet - received
10. Clint F - received
11. Steven Green - done - received

Cameron Derbyshire

Steelhead, Classic Atlantic salmon flies
Gentlemen, we've got ten tyers; swap's closed. To the vises! So please tie up one set each of two patterns (salt or fresh), ten (10) each (20 total) if you don't want yours back or eleven (11) if you do (22 total). I'll PM my address today. If you're interested in a particular pattern, add a post here or PM me and I'll add next to your name at the top of the thread. I'll post photos in a swap gallery when I get all the flies.