I have fished for SRC's from a boat near Camano Is. Tonight I tried my hand casting from shore for the first time. Went to Carkeek with a fishin' buddy and we both got skunked. It was a great night with beautiful weather and sunset. Anybody out there had success fishing there? Saw baitfish jumping all over the place, but niether of us got a sniff. Also are there times of year/day when seaweed isn't such a problem? In my past experiences it seemed like there was either no seaweed or tons of it depending on time of year. Thanks in advance for any info.
was out at carkeek yesterday evening also, must of been right before you got out Tony? i still had an incoming tide that was pretty littered with seaweed, but if you waded out 20-30 feet you were clear of that and free to cast to the tempting slashes and swirls about 40 feet farther then i could cast with a 40+ intermediate line:) did manage a small src, but there was some bigger fish showing them selves. better morning game for inshore i think. these past few days have been primo tide shifts!



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Carkeek is the only beach i've fished since it's 3 minutes from the house. I have to agree with the person that said the seaweed is probably a product of the extreme tides we have right now. Don't be discouraged. I would say that it hasn't been a problem at this beach before for me. My friennd pulled out a small cutt. this weekend.

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