Who is on the take?

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
. . . The thought that there was ever such thing as unbiased opinion is laughable. Every opinion is biased either consiously or subconciously.
Exactly right. However here, most folk's passionately-held opinions are usually the result of having made an earlier buying decision for which their post facto 'opinions' provide a rationale (or excuse!)

As a sidebar, I've enjoyed drinking fine wine for several decades. Anyone who's developed an appreciation for the grape also knows that one can easily spend $50, $100 or far more on a single bottle. I maintain that anyone completely unfamiliar with wine but with $100 bill in their pocket can buy a wonderful bottle of wine. For me, the equation is reversed by asking how many bottles of good wine can I buy with the same $100?

About 10 years back, some couple friends started what we call the 'Wine Slobs' (not wine snobs) in which we got together at one house or another to enjoy a long Saturday late afternoon and evening in which we each brought a couple bottles of wine that the host had determined would pair nicely with the dinner entree. Each of us would observe the varietal grape and price point (ie. a zinfandel at no more than $20).

When we arrived, each bottle would be whisked into a tall brown paper bag with the neck taped to hide the label and then labeled with a number on the outside. As the gathering progressed, we'd all drink from whatever numbered bag we happened to choose, the only rule being that each participant would take notes on their impressions of the bag's contents and then rate it on a 1 to 5 point scale. At the end of the evening, we'd tally the ratings and then un-bag each wine to reveal it's identity.

These simple blind tastings revealed some interesting truisms. First, when you can't see the label, your preconceptions about a wine's quality and attributes quickly evaporate. Second, we soon developed the ability to verbalize nuances in each wine's nose, taste and finish to other similar sensations (fruity, blackberries, jammy, lingering, etc.)

What followed from a number of years of doing this was the ability to evaluate a wine not by its pedigree, reputation or price, but on more empirical inputs specific to our own senses. It's an ability I continue to cultivate (and am doing so right now with a wonderful Hogue Pinto Grigio!)

Long story short, I'd love to be able to do the same sort of blind testing with flyrods or lines. Cover up or obscure the maker's name and thus preconceptions about equating cost with quality would become disconnected. The caster's resulting impressions would come a whole lot closer to being objective than 99% of what I've read (and written!) here.

If and when I have a bad experience with the brand I am loyal to, I will change loyalties to another brand and then become a "PIMP!" for that particular brand.


-Marc Chapman, icthyoantagonist
I'm not on the take, but will entertain offers from the following:

Sage rods
Rio leaders & tippet
Cabelas vests and supplex shirts & pants
Simms waders and boots

Any free gear from the above willing accepted and shamelessly pimped. Until then, I'm a free agent.
Well i guess i agree with some of it. True there are very few unbiased opinons and most of them will be clouded by previous purchases but that doesnt address the point of who is getting compensated.
Not to single anyone out, but there are plenty of people who go out of their way to promote certain brands in just about every post they have. Just seems a little rediculous to me.
Funny that most of the people that did respond arent the ones I think are getting discounts on their gear.


Be the guide...
I'm probably one of those guys you are thinking of. Clearly i'm being paid big $$$ for pimping medalist reels and pflueger rods! Busted!!

-Chadk (Medists for Metalheads Club)

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Okay, John, what is your suggestion when someone asks about a product or is looking for a certain item? Seems to me, you can take it or leave it if you don't like the poster or feel that they are "on the take". Personally, there are a lot of people that have much more experience than I do with a specific brand, and their input can be valuable.

How 'bout you just ignore any post relating to product name, quality - good or bad, and let the rest of us form our own opinion?

BTW - Busch makes beer!?


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