echo 13'6" classic spey

Here is what I like on mine.

Airflo 540 compact skagit with Ridge running line for big heavy flies and tips. Casts anything !

Windcutter 8/9/10 for lighter tips and smaller flies.

Nextcast 8/9 mid length line with 75' head for floating line work. so a Airflo 8/9 Delta Long should work well and you might even like the 7/8 Delta Long.

I also now have a new style XLT 8 spooled up for it.

I would think this would cover any water fly and season for you.

I throw a Compact 510gr and just picked up an AFS 520gr that I have yet to cast.

By the way Mike likes to hear the graphite scream when he casts :rofl:


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