Prairie dog hunting in washington

Now I feel bad for hijacking the thread, Chasinchukar, there are plenty of greydiggers on the eastside, but finding adequate areas to get a lot of shooting takes some time, knocking on doors. I knew an area over near Yakima that had tons of sagerats, but they were hit and miss depending on the year. Right now the grass is too high for that specific area, but there are some places near E-Burg that have the (mostly private land). I've been stocking up on 223 for a trip over to Montana for p-dogs, since it's really about the only option for good shooting. WA is to sporadic unless you have some private access. Oregon would be a better option. I've got a heavy 22-250 AI, a heavy AR, a 17hmr, and a 22lr just itching for a trip. Oh, and I've seen the little buggers cannibalize themselves. One gets shot, the others come out and eat it. Recycling, weird stuff.

Richard E

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Wahoooo! love shootin' thems little vermins. Montana has a lot, southern Idaho and north dakota and Colorado. Not too many in washington and No pararie dogs to my knowledge but there are red diggers and Ground squirrles. Rock chucks and coyotes are some other options.

East Fork, I am begining to really like the way you think. :beer2:
Matney, I be liking you more and more all the time. I was raised in Elko, NV, and my dad had a gun shop there. I've done away with many a ground squirrel, using pretty much anything including sticks, shovels, hoes, throwin' knives, wrist rockets, bow, pistol, rimfire, centerfires, pistola, rifles, pellet rifle, cars, etc. They can sometimes get really thick. :thumb:

Many ranchers would prefer them shot as opposed to poisoning them (the coyotes, eagles, hawks, etc. eat the poisoned ones, and it's pretty hard on their indigestion system).

Same program with jackrabbits. ;)

Jim Ficklin

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Lots of ground squirrels in SE Oregon, quite a few chucks around here, but no prairie dogs. I take my 204, custom 10/22, 223, and an airgun or 2 back home to Montana every year for a gopher safari (hunt an old friend's ranch . . . he loses upwards of a dozen head of cattle every year to broken legs caused when they step in a gopher burrow, plus damage to irrigation ditches. Just got back a couple weeks ago . . . it was a blast, plus I caught a bunch of whitefish for the smoker.). I use lots of chuck hair & gopher tail hair as substitutes in a variety of fly patterns.
While waiting for the Grande Ronde to mellow out, we have been chasing squirrels in the Blues:

Thanks for the site, I have been reading up on fly tying.