Westport boat basin coho

Has anyone fished this slugfest before? How long does it last? I would like to take my 2 year old grandson there to let him go for crab. At the same time, I would like to try my hand with the fly fishing gear.

We will be out of state in September doing the route 66 arizona thing. I want to fit in one thing for my grandson in the fall. Is early october too late for the coho at the boat basin?
How about crab off the dock for my grandson?


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
There should still be some coho in the basin in early Oct. Doesn't even pick up there til mid Sept. Varies year to year, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. These fish get a lot of metal thrown at them. There are coho jacks as well, and people fish anchovies, and sometimes eggs, under bobbers for them.

I haven't been fishing the boat basin much in recent years, preferring other places instead. but I check it out a few times around then, just to stay in tune.

People crab off the floats there. (I don't). Some crab might still have soft shells after molting, check to make sure the season is still open.

Worth a go...PM me closer to the date you are heading out.


still an authority on nothing
I used to fish it years ago, tried the fly there with success, but that's a pretty cluttered area with lots of people at times so casting could get problematic. lots of boats, lines, overhead wires, etc etc-got to be careful. If I went back I'd use a DT line and a stout leader. A shrimp pattern or even a san juan worm under an indicator may work better than a baitfish pattern. Moving flies seemed to spook the fish once they settled into the boat basin but I may not have been doing it right.
Once years ago I caught and released a deer there. It was a doe who was swimming around, obviously exhausted, with no way to get out of the water. It's surrounded by seawalls. So I borrowed a shot of line from a crab boat skipper and we chased it around till it was treading water in one of the slips- then we lassoed it, carried it off the dock, and let it loose on the main drag in Westport.
catch-n-release deer fishing!:thumb:
Wow. Is that for real? I know it can get crowded but I was thinking of october. According to local sources, coho should still be going strong and crab are still available.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Most of the crowd congregates down on the floats near the western corner near the Islander, but you don't have to be right in the thick of it. You can find a spot on another float and not worry about anyone behind you.

Often, small schools of coho will cruise the perimeter of the boat basin, so the company-loving anglers are fishing between the rip-rap and the floats, firing a volley at the fish when they cruise by.

Meanwhile, being kinda asocial in regards to fishing spots, I will be far from the maddening crowd, anchored up or run aground (either one works) on Ass'ole Shoal, which is up a lonely tidal creek somewhere. But not to worry, as I will not be without a paddle.:beer1: