how many bobbins?

14 total in the tying cave. 9 are ceramic. I don't even want to count my snips & shears or other gadgets. Every year I get more tools as stocking stuffers at Christmas. Not complaining as thet do all get used. In my travel tying bag I've got another 3 ceramic bobbins.


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Thanks for the kind word. I have an updated version of making your own bobbins with more details and diagrams including an ultra simple jig and tool for making the frame. The file size is too large for attachment but I'll gladly email it to any who pm me with an email address.

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I haven't tied any flies in over two years now. Hell I probably forgot how to. I think that the last time I tied I had about four metal and one ceramic and one nor-vise one with three spools. Now they just collect dust.

I have seven Rite bobbins. My wife has six Rite bobbins. I agree with Fly Punk that the adjustment feature is great for using very light thread. In my opinion the Rite bobbin makes others archaic by comparison. The click adjustment feature is super sensitive.
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