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Looking at the WDOT camera on White Pass, I see almost no snow. Has any one been up to Leech Lake, and if so, how was it? Was the road passable and the lake thawed out? I am going fishing this weekend and Leech Lake would be my first choice if I can get into it. Any help with the conditions there would be greatly appreciated. Also any thoughts on currently successful flies would be equally appreciated. Jim Harper


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IF it is warm enough, damsels!!! Other than that, carey specials in smaller sizes. Sorry, can't help with the conditions.

Just checked stocking reports, nothing yet this year, but that doesn't mean there won't be some HUNGRY trout in there!!


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I've read several places where it hasn't received its normal plants so far this year due to all the snow. I believe it will be stocked with Trips at the end of June.
Damsels should be happening as Curtis mentioned. Normally they would be going strong. This year, it seems they are a few weeks to a month behind. On lakes I've fished recently on both sides of the state, the damsel hatch hasn't been very strong.
Hopefully some warm weather will change that.
I just got off the phone with Naches Ranger Station and was told that the road into the lake is still covered with snow. They were unable to give me an estimate of just when they might open that road. I guess it looks like a trip to either Dry Falls or Lonore this weekend for me. Based on some of the reports on those two lakes, it looks like a lot of fishing and very little catching is in store. Thanks to those who replied. Jim Harper


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Contacted Yakima office WDFW and said Leech lake would be open this weekend.
Dog Lake not to open until middle of July
Thanks Ribka, that is more than I could find out. I guess it depends on just who yoiu talk to. Somehow, I wonder about the competency level of some goverment employees. Jim Harper


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Might also be worth walking in on the trail that hugs the, I guess west side of the lake along the rock hill and fishing from the shore if the road isn't open. Just a thought


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As of yesterday, Jun 17, according to an eyewitness report, the lake is ice free, and the launch is snow free. However, there is snow on the road from the gate to the launch, and the gate was still locked.

If you're using a float tube or something you can carry or drag on the snow, then you should be able to fish.

It sounds like the USFS doesn't want to unlock the gate until the road is pretty much clear of snow.

I just got off the phone with Naches Ranger District. The report is that the road is still closed and the gate is locked. Gary Fairbanks (Gary's Fly Shoppe) told me this afternoon that he heard from a couple of his customers that the road was covered in about two feet of snow but the lake and launch are both snow free. They were up there Wednesday.

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Fished Leech today. The gate is still locked, but there is no snow on the road and it was easy to wheel our pontoon boats in to the launch. I think the reason that the gate is still locked is because the camp sites are still soggy and need some sunshine to dry them out. The fishing was excellent. Lots of brookies and a few thin carry over triploids on chronomids and wooly buggers.
Just an idea........if you live reasonably close to Leech and it's still snowed in....why don't you give Dog Lake a try? Less than 2 miles away, gets tons of plants and some very nice holdovers. We would rent one of the condos at the ski area, fish Dog early and have some lunch/nap at the condo and then fish Leech late into the evening. FYI... the condos are pretty cheap and have stocked kitchenettes, not exactly the "Great Outdoors", but you don't have to worry about the mosquitos flying off with your small dog/children in tow!


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Good stuff in here. I did pretty well there Sat, same as majek. forest road 52 from Ashford to Packwood has a couple of humongous landslides, (200 ft+ long and 30 ft deep from what I was told) and it will probably stay closed till July, adding quite a bit to my drive.
gate's still closed, but I saw very little snow in there and the road was clear as far as I could tell. Sometimes there's a big drift on the campsite loop though, I may not have seen it.
tiny midges, #14 black ants falling, occasional caddis, but still too cold for damsels.
I finger checked (forgot my thermometer) and guess the WT at about 50 degrees.

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