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Pinch your barb before you tie on your fly. You don't know how many times I've tied on a fly only to break the hook with my pliers while trying to pinch it down.:beathead:

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Never leave fish to find fish. (I can't tell you the number of times I've done this).

Wicked good one...for my friend. The guy is great to fish with but nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs if we are not slaying them from the first cast. We once moved off an area on the Elwah because he said it did not look to be holding fish...well he moved. I got wore out in that very spot for the entire day. When he came back I had a chip full of photos, a sunburn and huge smile. He got skunked. I could care less how much of a river, lake or beach I cover. Five feet and good fishing is better than five miles of impatient nothingness.

Ed Call

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And that's where a lot of guys stand! Dummies!

I was one such dummie a few years back. I found myself bombarded by moving silvers while in thigh deep water off a nice beach below a bluff. After backing up to ankle deep water I was thick into them all day. That was the day of my first PNW fish on the fly out of the salt water, a very good day indeed. (What a dummie...I could have caught twice as many if I was not standing in them parting their school.)

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If you were all smart you wouldn't of gotten into this type of fishing from the start. It costs way to much to fish this way. It seems that you need everything new out there that comes down the pipe.

Shit, I must be bored as I didn't really mean what I just said.

Jim Wallace

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Don't eat yellow snow
Hey, "back in the day" I was headed up skiing mid week and I scooped up some fresh snow in a cup and added some Yukon Jack and I called this drink a "yellow snow." Yes, don't eat that stuff! ptyd

I wear neoprene socks over thin ski socks under my waders, so my big toes don't chew a hole up through the top of my wader booties. All of my athletic shoes end up with holes over the big toes. The neoprene socks offer some added protection from the relentless gnawing action of my toe, whose nail I must keep clipped back. Also, the neprene socks trap the brunt of the foot sweat, and are easy to wash, so my waders don't have a lot of sweat in the booties to stink them up.

When hiking more than a short distance to the water, I never hike in my wading stuff, but bring it along in my pack. I change over once I get to the river. Wading gear really takes a beating, so I reserve it for the river. Hate wearing it on the trail unless I'm already fishing and just going between spots, anyway. This gets max mileage out of it.
Safety first:

- Never stray far from water; When packing water along always error on the side of too much; Keep more water in the truck.

- Big fishy structure in a river? Maybe a giant rootball, debris pile or boulder. Or how about those big swirly pools? Avoid standing directly upstream from it. As in, if you fell and drifted there you're dead. Always be mindful of where you'd go if you lost your footing in a stream.

- You're chasing winter chrome and notice a little creek is coming in all brown and firehose-like (maybe the temp warmed up and/or it's pouring rain). But the main river is still gin clear. ...It won't be for long. Neither will those low wadable conditions. You're done for the day. As in NOW. GTFO while it's an option.

Anyone else learn a safety tip the hard way? Do tell...
If you're out for a long day take a water purifer instead of trying to pack a ton of water.

Don't try to fish on a blown ACL.

If you see a poacher and don't have a cellphone or you're out of range tell them you're going to call it in anyways. Use your can-o-Griz or whatever and fake it. It's worked several times and it's funny as hell.

Advice is only good if you use it.



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Make sure the flask is full before a long venture on foot.
Plus since it is in a flask you don't have to much so DON'T SKIMP ON THE WHISKEY!!!!!
You will be glad you didn't,save the cheaper stuff for around the fire later that night.ptyd


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The two best things on earth are fishing and getting laid. Try to combine the two in no particular order, but preferably fish then nooky. :ray1: