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I am looking for a trailer to haul my 11ft cataraft and pram. regardless of price...the best system to me looks like just buying a drift boat trailer and putting down a sheet of plywood on the frame. It already has a roller, made for the water and price wise they are great. My question is....what is the advantage of a traditional raft trailer which has the bed over the wheels. To me its seems like it is just harder to load as you have to pull it up higher onto the roller. I understand that some really big rafts my need the extra width...but most rafts look like they would fit between the wheels of most drift boat trailers. What am i missing?


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This is what I use as a trailer for my raft, an Aire 143D.
Loading is easy and I do like the deck over wheels design. The deck keeps mud and crap off you raft. You can always back down the ramp slightly more if loading height is an issue. As far as driftboat trailers go, you can easily modify one to accept a raft. Most aluminum driftboats are 48", 54" or 60" wide. You'd just need to determine which width would work for your two boats. Also, consider that even a little Puma raft is 66" wide.

I could have done the driftboat trailer route. Since my raft is 80" wide, I opted for the ready to go raft trailer. Less hassle but more $$$ going that route.


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My buddie's raft trailer is his old drift boat trailer. I don't think he changed a thing. He has a Suburban, so storage space isn't an issue. The couple of raft trailers that I've seen have a storage box under the raft platform.

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You can always go with the old standard. Buy a small utility trailer you can find at freddies, costco, etc. I'd go with the bigger wheels (at least 14"). Only about $289. Can be used for cats and prams. If your cat is to wide, just put a couple timbers across or channel strut to make it wider.

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