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Help! I'm trapped in a landlocked state.
I'm going to be visiting the area next week and my goal is to catch a cutty in the salt while I'm there. I need to tie up a few bugs this weekend - I'm planning on tying some of Roger's sand lance tubes and picking up the stuff to tie some beach poppers at the Orvis shop on my way through. Any other must haves this time of year?


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IMO A #6 olive/white clouser could be the only fly you ever fish in the sound.
of course that would be boring, but they do work and mimic a lot of the bait we see. Cutties though are opportunistic and if you stick a fly in their face, you'll likely get a strike.


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As stated "Shock and Awe" on tubes and clouser's! Leland's Beach popper too.. Some sand lance patterns too!


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