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I had my car window smashed out and the contents stolen last night at exit 20 on I90. This is the third time in a year and a half since I moved to Seattle. Do I have bad luck or is this the expected ratio for break ins vs years lived in the region? Also, the break ins were not in "bad" areas. Once in Kirkland, Once in East lake sammamish and now walking my dog off a trail in Issaqua. Whats the deal!!!!


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A baby bag? This stuff still amazes me. I bet if you research this forum regarding break ins, your probably in the same location(s). It's probably the same retards that bust into vehicles.
the "baby bag" is the bag that my wife uses to carry diapers and baby wipes in. Its not like a safeway bag but instead more like a purse. Maybe they are called diaper bags...don't really know
I had my Dodge broken into in W. Seattle a couple years back... A-holes broke windows in 4-5 cars along our street, including mine. They got 3 of my reels... my fault for leaving them in the truck. But I was in the process of moving and spaced that I had left them in there. So not only did I have to replace my reels I had to buy a new window as well. :mad:

Sorry to hear about your break-in.

Best I can say from, now, four break-ins...just remember the big 3 - as in don't leave in your car: Cash, ID, Gadgets (camera/iPod/bluetooth/etc.) Always amazes me what they'll leave behind, but count on losing any of the big 3 every time. Learned it the hard way. Most recent was 2 wks ago in my own f#cking driveway...never suspected in my own neighborhood but I just proved how naive I am (and just moved back in after living out of the country...yeah, welcome home!) Worth pondering: Left my own rig unlocked by accident...contained force fins, other gear, nice sunglasses, about 15 cd's (good ones), MY GARAGE DOOR OPENER, and, oh yeah, about a buck-fifty in small change. The entire rig was rummaged through during the night...all the little compartments were left hanging open and my sh!t was everywhere. The take? That buck-fifty and nothing else. No damage to the rig since they got in so easily. All else left untouched, including the garage opener. Lucky me.

cj - sorry to hear you got it as well...I've had the broken window 3 times prior to this. Hope they didn't get anything too valuable.


You're not alone...Spokane has a large contingent of meth-a-billys, meth-necks, Gangs, and all-round scallywags.

To date Spokane thieves have hit me 8 times.


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I've switched to the following method: I don't leave anything in the car that's worth more than a car window, so I leave the door unlocked and (hopefully) eliminate the chance of losing said window. I no longer keep registration, etc. in the glove box -- I've moved that down into the spare tire well under the spare. Finally, I disable the engine when I leave to ensure that I have a ride home. All they can really do at this point is siphon my gas.

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Until we get our justice system working where the criminal doesn't have all the rights once convicted and has to serve HARD time then this crap is going to continue. Will such actions stop this type of activity, of course not. But it will stop those incarcerated.

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Thats weak! a If you drive a crappier car or truck and make it look messy before you leave you'll never have trouble. I drive an old ranger and its always kinda messy and I've never had a problem on the westside or when I went to college in spokane. Cover all things that you don't want to attract attention with sweatshirts or grocery bags, works like a charm.

I knew a fellow in college who had a pimp big truck. He put something like 80 grand into it; it was trick, with every goodie you could imagine. He had this anti-theft device built in where if you stole the vehicle, it would roll up the windows, lock you in, and call the cops. I'm not sure if he had special widows that wouldn't break when hit but he must have or else the whole system seems kind of stupid. If I only had 80 grand to blow on stuff I don't need... :)

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I've had my car broken into before. They stole my younger brothers zune while we were out fishing near the dungeness. I'd like to meet the thief that breaks into my car again. . .

Scum of the earth, they deserve to be spit on.

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