Advice on CF 7133

My situation: I came into a Burkheimer 7133 at an auction and want to set it up with reel and line(s). New to the spey and I plan to spend plenty of time with the dry line this summmer. Floater recs I've been given are Airflow delta 7/8 or Airflow Delta long 6/7. For tips, Windcutter 6,7,8. Your thoughts are much appreciated.
I just picked up my new 7133 yesterday from the fine boys at Burkheimer. I talked with Tom Larimer and he suggested a Airflo - Delta 7/8 and the Airflo compact skagit 540. I love the rod, you will too - good luck.

Chris DeLeone


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Have to agree with Chris here, the head on the Delta 'long' may be an over reach for this short a rod. You'll find you won't need to buy a second line for tips. Just use the 'sinking poly leaders' right off the end of your dry line.

Just put a short run of heavy mono (butt section) on the end of the dry line and loop. From there you can either attach a 'dry leader' or a sinking leader. Works a treat.


Will Atlas

Loren, I fish my 6/7/8 CND solstice with a 7/8 delta and really like it. The line is excellent for fishing dryline and is also capable of throwing tips. I start to struggle when it comes to heavily weighted flies but other than that the line and rod do it all. I think the 7133 is probably pretty comparable to my solstice and I think you will find that the airflo 7/8 is a sweet line which is easy to cast in a host of conditions. Good luck!


Ryan Buccola

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Larimar is the guy to rap about with it...he know burkie and he knows airflo. I am jealuos! that rod is the cats meow!


That is one of the best rods they put out. I was looking at getting one as well. They just came out with a 7129, I believe. The last I heard, they could'nt keep up with the orders for the 7129. I guess it is an amazing rod as well.

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