Looking for a good lake with decent camping.

Hello, thanks for looking. I posted earlier about the wind at Fish Lake (near Lk Wenatchee) thanks for all the feedback.

I would like to go camping in a couple of weeks. I am looking for a good lake with camping on the lake. I have a canoe with a trolling motor, so it can't be a huge lake. I thought of Nunally, but I hear the camping is pretty much roadside and does not allow fires. Fish lake and the wind doesnt' sound promising.

Anyone know of a good lake to go to? I was hoping to go to the east side for some sun and not drive more than 3–4 hours. I am new to the lake fishing in WA, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Hank
Hi Hank:
Drop me an e-mail, lots of places over here to camp and have a nice campfire. Most of the lakes allow electric motors, depends on type of lake you want to fish. Quite a few are fee camping, plus some nice freebies. I'm in the heart of Coulee Country, but we range from Lenice-Nunnally area up to the North Country around Chopaka, Sidley, etc.
Sun Lakes State Park at Dry Falls is hard to beat if you want to be in heart of good fishing and need the facilities. If you want to camp for free and have more privacy, the primitive sites on the shore of Lenore are great.

As for wind, its present everywhere on the East side. The nice thing about Dry Falls is that because of its irregular shape, you can usually find a wend shadow to fish in.

No motors are allowed on Dry Falls. You can't have it on the boat even if don't use it.

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