chico creek



the paper said it is a record run of chums on this creek and it gets more spawning chum per mile than any other creek in puget sound. i know 2 years at low tide i had to drag my feet so i wouldnt step on the fish i can imagine how it is now. these fish are good takers on fly it used to be the only place i fished for chums until this year and i havent even been there yet. it gets an average of 18,000 fish they say minter brook is going to get something like that. probly dont bite good hatchery sickness. never seen so many chums in my life as in hoodsport yesterday evening from about 1 or 2 on, unbeilievable, was any of you out there i seen alot of fly fisherman they. i didnt see any fly caught chums maybe 2 before later in the evening when it got CRAZY. well got to go check out chico creek see yeah later Ben

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