What kind of deer is this?


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I was in the middle of throwing down 1-1/8" plywood on my deck when my wife calls out to me "Andy check out these big deer!" Mind you I'm in the middle of downtown Bellingham, granted the arboreedum is up the hill from me, but still! Anyway, the one I've posted a few pics of was gracious to let me get nervously 12' feet from him (the other two where beyond in the bushes as well bucks, but smaller). Being from white tail country I don't know if this is a black tail or a mule deer. It seems to small to be a black! The back on this buck had to be almost shoulder high on me, and I'm 5'-11".



He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron
I wounder if the velvet on them antlers would make good tying material......?

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