4 day w/e... Where would you plan a trip too?

I'm thinking something within 6-8 hrs travel time from Oly. Leave Thursday afternoon and return Monday.
WA, OR, ID or NW MT (maybe?) as long as I can get the appropriate license on a Friday morning.

Where would you go and what makes it worth the travel time and expense? Do you have a story? tell it and let us all know what made it the best 4 day w/e for you!

I had planned Bend OR, but I'm open to anything within 8 hrs travel time, so don't hold back.

Cheers and thanks in advance!:beer2::thumb:
I'd have to say S.W. Montana. It has the best concentration of high quality, easily accessed waters I can think of inside your driving radius. S.E. British Columbia, S.W. Alberta also come to mind. HAVE A GREAT TIME!

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