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At 1:00PM Saturday, August 9, noted flytier, Steve Rohrbach, will be presenting a free seminar "Fly Fishing Puget Sound" at the new Orvis store in Bellevue. Steve will be tying some of his favorite Puget Sound baitfish patterns as well as divulging all his secret spots. If you are serious about catching Puget Sound coho, this seminar is not to be missed!

The new Orvis store is located at 10223 NE 10th St. in Bellevue (about one really long cast behind the old store).

Call (425) 452-9138 for information.



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Sweet! If I'm in town that weekend, I'll be there! It was nice meeting Steve at your last event and learning how to tie an awesome sea run pattern...

Btw the new store is great! Stopped in a couple of weeks ago, shortly after the move, but you were outta there.. probably working on another summer run! :beer1:

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