Pattern Stripwing

I've been trying to learn stripwing flys. This is the first one I got to sit without buckling to much. Any ideas as to how to get the wing to sit lower? Everytime I tie a wing in, it shoots up at 45 degrees :beathead:. Any comments are appreciated.


Rob Ast

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I don't tie classic salmon patterns, but just wondering if the wing is tied down too close to the material built up behind it? I know building up material and tying a wing down immediately in front of it is commonly used to force wing material up on smaller trout flies, so I imagine this may be the same effect in an unintended fashion.

I tie everything from spey flies to Classic Atlantic Salmon patterns and when it comes down to the wing mounting, I still at times get anxious since the wing will either make or break the quality of the tie. Monkey the problem you are having is simple, you are trying to mount the strip wings directly on top of the hook. Try next time to mount the wings together in one mount by pinching the slips together right above your mounting position. This will force the bottom of the slips to angle outwards, allowing you to slide the slips into position and tie them in. Once positioned you can further adjust the slips by pulling the tag ends slightly upward or outward, adjusting the wings into position. Practice, Practice, Practice and you will be on your way.

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