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I was there yesterday(Sunday), around Three in the afternoon. It was probably max flood tide, and the fish where in!!! It was almost like two years ago, pods of two hundred fish along the shore. I hooked up on Five nice fish 12lbs plus in about an hour in a half. There was a fair amount of people, but still had room for my backcast. Hot green shrimp patterns were working for me, none waited. I use an intermediate line called a Slimeline claer in color works great for shallow areas, does'nt sink to fast.
The funny thing that did happen was, four of us flyfishers were working this pod and these three guys in a Bayliner moved themselves righht over the pod, not even seeing the fish, completeley scared them away. We were all standing there looking at these dudes and finally told them to move on, the hole bay had fish and they where right on top of us, snaggers anyway!!!!
By the way, if anyone wants alittle info, Fishing in the creek can make for a very expensive fish, the Warden just sits there by the house on the otherside of the bank and just picks you out. Give the fish atleast alittle break!!:OO
fishing at chico finally turnd on last week on thursday at noon right after high tide. had me alittle scared being 4 years after the killer wales came in got there fill. I guess alot of three year fish came in to replace the missing 4 year fish. there is alot less line burners than in past.alot of nice silvers came in this year bigger than will probably fizzle with this big rain though. havent seen any body get one off those chums to bite in probly 15 years.way to much preasure. alot of snagging,lining and "flossing" though.


hey were you the chinese guy with his old lady or one of the 2 bigger guys. any ways you dont gotta say that was messed up what those black guys did in there bayliner. i seen it, i busted my 8wt tried my 5wt and wasnt even gonna mess with it after the first fish way to crowded there anymore. since yesterday twanah is real hot pods of fish in the creek mouth like chico just got back from there well got to go out and catch some more see yeah Ben oh yeah some told me you couldt fish in the creek channel anymore but in the regs it says nothing as far as i seen but there was a ton of people snagging them in the creek 50 ft from tide water. do know if it is legal to fish in the channel, thanks
Ben: I don't mean to be critical of this post or some of your previous ones but here is some advice. If Chico Creek is way too crowded for you, Twanoh Creek will soon have the crowds when it is publicized on the internet. I have been around long enough have learned to keep my mouth zipped when it comes to less known fishing locations. Even these spots will see increased pressure over time. With well known locations it is no problem giving out specifics. We don't fish in the same areas so your giving out specific locations doesn't affect me. Find some secret/less known spots but keep them to your self or fishing buddies. In the long run you will have some places to fish in the future with reasonable solitude which is a major aspect of fly fishing. Seeking and finding these spots is a reward in itself besides the catching of fish.
I grew up fishing at chico creek. used to bring a telescopic pole to school so i could race down and fish after better way to learn howa fish thinks than on a little stream.I watched the fishing population go from a couple of kids to what it is now.I used to wonder how a little stupid creek that my dad and his friends used to laugh at[they laughed at the creek not the fish I brought home]got to be so popular.I was on old kiro radio asking Drew [local fishing reporter]why he was turning so many people on such a little creek.I dont blame drew anymore I think the power of the internet has more to do with it.I talk to way to many people from seatle for it to be a local thing.Dont get me wrong I try to go down every year and meet alot of real people,chumin is fun for awile.but if people talk about
too much on such a powerfull forum there wont be much left.

p.s. I wasnt there on sunday went hiking in the buckhorn wilderness If some body lost a box of fishing gear at a trail head tell me which one and its yours e-mail [email protected]


salty your very correct i am not to protective of salmon fishing as other types of fishing i guess i posted somebodys secret spot one time or another i guess iwas just being nice but places i know of are just fished by a handful of people and they shoulkd stay like that. sorry if i let one of your places be known on this site one time or another. but twanah is no secret but i get what you mean. ben:

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