Alternative wing materials

Hey guys I have just returned from a camping trip where I was able to try out many of my fly patterns I dreamed up and I am happy to report that many of them were highly successful. However I have been using packing foam (the thin white foam that often surrounds the contents of the package) for wings on caddis, hopers, stones ect. In my success I found failure in this packing foam. The tiny trout teeth absolutely destroyed the wings of my flies after catching a few fish. Of course I don’t mind my flies’ wings falling apart as long as I am catching fish, but I would like them to be more durable. The majority of you are far superior at this art so I was wondering, in your experience what works best for wing material. Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you for your time:thumb:

Keep your ties simple and use either stacked elk & deer, foam or CDC for your winging materials. These materials will withstand the harsh teeth and will give your flies the added boyuancy to keep them riding high and dry.


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I fished alot of Lafontaine airheads when I fished for trout in streams. Used the same material you're talking about. He designed it so that when the wing was tattered you could just tie in a new one. In other words, the wing was the last thing tied on, so you could replace it easily. Hard to beat the brightness and floatation of that stuff. A beetle, with a fat peacock body and that winging... Awesome.