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That's 7 more weeks until the Grouse Opener. I've been working on the place, now officially known as Glenraven Ranch, to get it so I can just hunt and fish and not have to work on it. Well, as we all know work is never done, but it will be minimal.

MartyG asked if I'd been seeing any birds and the answer was yes. I've seen more quail this year than I did last year. Turkeys have been vocal but not very visual, only seen one hen so far this year. But it's always been about grouse for me. There's something about walking into a covert that sets ones nerves on high alert. You start to see grouse in every shadow, each weed, hunk of wood, in anticipation of that flush. Suddenly every cluster of brush or head high firs says there's birds in there. Sometimes there are...mostly is just wishing.

Hopefully the evening temperatures will have started to come down and the local lakes may have cooled off a bit. Two lakes call to me in the area whenever I'm up there. Often they come through like champs, not real big fish, just really nice fish.

So the countdown begins...maybe I'll see you in the hills...

Here's a snapshot of the changes around the place...



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Nice digs, so when is the grand opening? I thought all those other attempts for the Highland Fling were really work camps.

Now that is all done, it must be time to party.

All kidding aside.

Nice Place Roper.


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Dave, we're 4 miles east of Oroville. High Life? Not too sure, but the good life, yes.

Ross, Thanks, we like it, for sure. The Highland Flings were play time only, at least for the guests. I'd often have to mow or something. I'll have to see if I can't resurrect the Fling next spring. Or maybe a Cast and Blast this fall...


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Nice! This past spring turkey hunt on the east side has really put the land/cabin bug within me. The 'dream' is pretty far off since I am starting my biggest project on my home in Bellingham in the next few weeks; which will require moving the family out for at least 6 months, during which my wife will have our second child...always perfect timing when it entails kids!

I just hope and pray that I can get out...even if it is only to the release site a few times. I've promised myself that I will get out and hunt the east side at least once this year...I owe it more to Libby than myself...she is a bird fool!

Curious did you ever use up all that birch in that casa? It appears that you got very lucky with power...maybe a 20' trench from transformer to cabinet? My buddy who took me turkey hunting is looking at almost 10k to get power from the nearest transformer...until the price gets cheaper he is running gas lanterns and 12v lights off solar panels.

Looking forward to the 9/1 as well...

Forgot to ask...have you ever seen chukar in those hills? That is one of my goals as well I'd LOVE to give that bird a chase!


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Looking great Roper!! I was out there 3 or 4 years ago I think for the fling when you just had the outside of the house done! Great times! It was a blast fishing with you guys, and I learned a ton from you and Ive!

Would love to stop by some time and maybe even chase some birds if you get a group together out there and would love to hit Wannacutt and many of the other lakes in the area.

Nice place! :thumb:
Nice place, looks like a great view out the back.
Sense I put in some time in Okanogan Co. I would say your looking pretty clean cut.
Maybe park a few old rusty trucks in the yard to fit in with the rest of the hillbillies.
Just kidding, nice job.

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Sweet lookin' spread you got there, Roper. Hat's off to you for havin' the wherewithall to get a slice of the pie before all the pies are gone...or priced out of this world.:thumb: