Holy Carp! A fishing report...

Brad Niemeyer

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Granted carp fishing is not for everyone...But for those of you who haven't seen your backing for a while (and would like to) Carp can be a great test of skill, patience and stamina...

The attached .Jpg should give you some idea of my carp fishing adventure friday...

IMHO...Sight casting to tailing carp is the next best thing to casting dry flies to steady rising trout...

AWESOME! There are two types of Fly Fisherman. Those who love fishing for carp, and those who never have! :thumb

Nice fish!


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Reminds me of sight fishing for tailing red fish in the texas gulf areas. The water is brownish in both places and the fish look pretty similar and fight very well... (But I bet red fish\drum taste better)

Brad Niemeyer

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I have never fished for redfish (or bonefish) but it sounds very similar. I was shakin' in my hipwaders when I parted the reeds to reveal miles of large tailing carp in 16 inches of water! A good trout fisherman can easily adapt...

...and I should warn folks not to eat carp. These fish live a long time (10 -15 years) and can accumulate high levels of heavy metal and pesticide toxins.


Big Ben

Sweet Pic Piscean. A few years ago my wife and I were at Banks Lake (I think) and there were just hundreds of carp in the shallows, you could here them in the grass. That was before my fly days though.
There are only two types of fly fishermen: the carpers and the non-carpers. Color me a non-carper, and pith on the rest of you guys.
And I thought I would never live to see the day when a dude was actually secretive about his carp hole. I should think, in the interest of conservation, you would broadcast the spot to everyone in order to clean up the area a bit so sporting fish might have a chance.
Maybe we should have a new web site for you guys, named:
Carpers Anonymous or Carps Are Us, or Why We Hate Our Mothers. Whatever.:beer1
Golly Gee Whiz Bob,
Just a bit cynical tonight.
Well I am with you about the goldfish that should be irradicated. I litterally hate carp for too many reasons to mention. As far as I am concerned catch them and feed the coyotes. Or take them home and feast on them. But get rid of them!
Some people would praise pirranahs for their fighting ability if they were in our waters!
Just because they are there doesn't make it good nor natural! They are not good fish to have in our waters.
Dave :beer2


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...is everything. Both in fishing for carp and putting a fine collage of photo's together for our viewing pleasure, Thanks!


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Alleged speech defects.

Roper: The lisp is not an affectation as you might think.
It's a carefully designed ruse to throw off small children from having to endure the foul mouth of an old man, and an attempt to keep the forum, "Family Oreinted,"
while at the same time preserving the right to freedom of expression. Henceforth, I am going to try to use the names of vegetables in place of the obcenities I usually prefer.
But thanks for the interest in my health or my sexual orientation, whichever may apply.
I use to Duck hunt over in the potholes area. I have seen some very large carp over there. I know one guy at work who goes over to the potholes with a bow and arrow and shoots Carp from a boat. He says it's real challenging.


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Alleged speech defects.

As usual, you got me pithing my panths...

:rofl :rofl :rofl

Good things come to those who wade...

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