Oh say can you spey?

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Oh say can you spey? Updated in post #22!

This thread and your responses have been great. Thank you all. I have a new question posted down in entry #22 of this thread. If you don't mind checking it out and letting me know your thoughts on just getting started I appreciate it greatly.

Well, I've been thinking about this spey side and pondering giving it a whirl. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing, but I'll start with the fabulous WFFF Search Tool. Any input on how to begin using my soon to arrive TFO Deer Creek 13'6" 8/9 would be appreciated. I'm sure I impluse bought something but it did not cost me too much. Joe might even say that the money is going to a good cause. Thanks in advance, and if you stumble upon some dude that looks like my avatar totally wound up in a fly line tripped over into the surf and bobbing in the waves...pull me to shore if you please!
Why screw around? Mike Kinney designed that rod with Bob Meiser. Suck it up, drop the coin one time only and spend a whole day with the old Jedi master himself. Call Mike up and with summer days being long as hell, you get more bang for the buck. Really it kind of amazes me that any newbie would buy one of Mike's rods and not head right out to spend a day with Mike himself to learn the meat and potatoes about those sticks. Just a thought, but any time spent fishing with Mike is special time. Tight lines Duff

Ed Call

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Well, I guess whatever the coach says the player should do. Cool input coach, thanks. I was trying to learn on the cheap, but spending the money for the right instruction is always a smart investment.

Ed Call

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Since I don't know crap, any chance anyone knows Mike's digits? Coach? Trevor? I know that I should know, but of course I don't. Thanks.


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For those that don't know this, Mike is at the All About The Fly's Sunday morning spey casting get togethers at Ben Howard on the Sky. Mike is found teaching newbies to spey casting and helping those with a little bit of spey casting under their belts become better casters. He is a fine gentleman and a great spey casting instructor, as well as a terrific guide.
Those are things I am not in tune with being in Hawaii. FT just came up with some more big time info. So mumbles, hit up a couple free sessions and grab a tip or two and match that up with a full day of actual steelheading and complete one on one attention with Mike and you will be rocking. Far more than you realize now. Tight lines and good Skagit fishing. That whole system fishes very well and makes sense on our bigger rivers, especially in winter when 18 feet of T-14 gets busted out.;) Mike's number is 360-435-3778


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mmmmm, MKS taper-
got to stop now, I'm getting wood.
congrats Mumbles! Don't forget your bottom hand when you're casting that MKS!

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I would spend some time learning to cast it before you spend the money for a guide trip. You will get more out of what the guide has to offer if you aren't spending all of your brain's resources figuring out casting. Most early days with clients look like they are trying to drink from a firehose, at least for the first couple of trips. So much relative information is being handed out and it is often much more than they can process or store. Add that on top of all the physical mechanics a new style of fly fishing requres and it becomes frustrating or even worse, real work, trying to stay on top of it all.

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any skagit line in that grain window will do nicely. I am personally more impressed with the Airflo skagit. Mike does casting instruction and I think he does a deal in the summer where you get a couple of guide days for a really reasonable price. Spend the first day doing casting instruction, its worth your coin if you've got the money. The only other thing I can say is go fishing alot and dont be satisfied with mediocre casts. I see alot of people who really plateau in their spey casting because they are happy to just get the line out there. Spey rods are tools which can give you a considerable advantage if used properly.

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