Southfork Snake River

Did my annual Southfork Snake river trip last weekend. Got a late start on Friday and did a speed float on the upper river. Great fishing but had to skip alot of good water to make it to the takeout before dark. The next day we floated the canyon ... on the water from 9 am to dark. We caught some nice fish in the canyon but it was quite a bit slower fishing than our upper river float. Man I love that canyon though. It is incredible. On Sunday we decided to go back to the upper river and make a full day float of it so we could hit some of A water we had to pass on friday. That was a good choice indeed. The fishing started a little slow but after a couple of miles it heated up and it was on for the rest of the day. The biggest fish of the trip was 22-23 inches and we got several fish in the 17-19 inch range. We caught browns, cutts, bows and cuttbows. If you haven't fished the Southfork, put it on your to do list. It is truly a fantastic fishery. It is where I first learned to fish with a fly rod about five years ago and I have been back each year since. I have buddies that live in the area and have boats so it makes it a bit easier and less expensive.