Rod Superstitions...or tips on buying a used rod


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I have a habit of keeping my rods stored in the most precarious ways possible. Tip hanging out the window as I drive, left leaning against a tree, right next to the keg, at night. It survived intact through a night of keg stands! I've left my old stand-by on top of the truck twice and once ran over it on a gravel road. In over twelve years it's only been broken once, the tip gave to a steelhead on the Deschutes. My motto, "Luck is a difficult thing to verify and therefore should be tested often."

I fully disagree with rod segregation as well. The new GLX? Stashed in the corner of the garage with the old eagle claw. Fly and gear, married in the corner until the next outing. When divorcing them it feels like the other rod is begging just to be brought along for the car ride. Delicately cleaning, wrapping, and casing a rod after every outing will give it the character of a spoiled 15 year old girl.


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My very first rod is one of these "cursed" ones, no matter what the weather, line, leader, tippet, fly, etc. it has never had a fish on the end of the line, ever. If anybody has any way to reverse this curse, please share it here, I sure love the rod, as it's the one I learned to cast with, but I'm about to give up on it. And yes, the handle has it's share of mud/sand/slime, but no fish smell at all.

Ed Call

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fmunoz, send that cursed rod to me. I suck and I'll get some fish slime on it after eating a bunch of bananas and send it back primed for your next tight lines outing.

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