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I was planning to take my family camping but wanted to get some good fly fishing in. I was wondering if anyone knew any good spots that are not crowded with fast action. I want to get my eleven year old son interested in fly fishing. It would also be great if the campsite had no burn ban with campfires allowed. Thanks.



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Not crowded + fast action + family friendly... tall order for this state.

Would this be hike in \ tent camping, car camping, RV, or what? River or lake? Trout or would panfish do? How far are you willing to drive?
By the way, I am also new to the area and semi new to fly fishing. If you could tell me any good streams or lakes I could camp and fish at that would be great. Thanks.


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Check the Washington State Parks website and start by looking at campgrounds close to your home. You will probobly have to wait untill after Labor Day as most campgrounds are booked. You can also check Reserve USA for National Forest campgrounds. I usually start reserving campgrounds in November so I can get a campsite at a lake or river when fish are running. Right now I'd head for the KOA in Ellensburg and walk from your campsite right into the Yakima River or drive back up stream to wade in better water. There might be campsites available at Kachees etc. which is close to I-90 and the Yak.
There are numerous lakes in NE Washington with public campgrounds (state parks or National Forest) on or near them that have fishing. These usually aren't as crowded as the ones closer to Seattle, but may still be filled on weekends.
go to icicle creek. Camp at the johnny creek campsite (upper or lower). I think it is around 10 miles up the site past 8 mile campground. Great campsite for family.....10 miles to leavenworth for icecream and starbucks. Decent fishing
I just spent last weekend on the N.F. of the Cispus River (about 10 miles south east of Randle, WA) at the North Fork campground. The campground was great and in the three hours I had to fish (during my daughters nap), I caught a bunch of little fingerling size fish with three between seven and eight inches, all on drys. I fished the length of the campground and would bet the size would improve away from the grounds. There were a number of spin fishernmen and I am guessing they were keeping anything over ten inches. It was all pocket water with one or two "pools" that I could have waded across.

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I could be wrong, but I think you'll find most places east of the Cascades to have burn bans in effect this time of year, and for good reason: It's a tinder box.

I just returned from dropping some hikers off at a trailhead near Cle Elum. Driving the forest service road, there was indeed a ban posted.
Eastside does have a burn ban (including Charcoal). There are some exceptions that I can't remember. It is how we ended up on the westside. We had reservations at Hell's Crossing on the American River but I found out a couple of days before that we couldn't have a fire. I also found out that the American River was closed from the campground upstream, but I am sure that had nothing to do with my decision to change campgrounds. Nope, nothing at all.
Ensign Ranch in Cle Elum. The burn ban doesn't include charcoal. I don't know if you have to be LDS or not to use the facilities. I don't think you do as long as you abide by the family friendly rules (like no alcohol). My wife and I just stayed there for 4 days. Everyone clears out Saturday afternoon and no one returns until Monday afternoon. We fished the Yak every single day, wading and had pretty good action. There is a really good spot inside the campgrounds to fish from and a lake full of hungry trout. The lake is a little over run with weeds however...

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