Best flyer decoy?


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So I have two full bodied deeks with wings cupped, however, I'm thinking about purchasing a couple deeks with rotating wings (I believe they are 'mojo'). However, I just recieved the new Cabelas waterfowl hunting magazine and there is one that is called a "wind waver", the body does not seem to be full, and the wings flap with bungee cords via wind power opposed to spinning (price is under 60 bones).

Any waterfowl guru's out there that have some advice one way or the other?

I can't get over all the battery opperated stuff that is out hand I'm glad that WA State does not allow them, but on the other I wish I could get one of those RC ducks for when the birds are not flying and I'm borded out of my gong sitting in a blind!

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I had one season of using my Mojo Duck battery powered decoy before they were outlawed. It worked and pulled birds in when no amount of calling or stationary decoys would do the trick. Since then my buddy has used a wind-driven model, which works well when (obviously) the wind is blowing. Unfortunately the wind doesn't blow with the same regularity during duck season as it does when fly-fishing.

I haven't given them any attention since the motorized units were outlawed. Instead I concentrate on a good spread of decoys and good calling. If you opt for a wind-driven model, I'd recommend you get a full body model with legs. That way when it's just staked on a calm day, and wary birds give you a look, it's less likely to spook them than something that's half a decoy. And get one with the lightest wing material possible so that a breeze will make it work.


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Took your advice Itchy and went with a "Air Lucky" flyer, full bodied, and from comments posted on Cabelas website it seemed to work with at least a 2.5 mph wind...which I've yet to see under 10 last season. For 25 bucks I'll give it a go.

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