Whidbey and Herron island

Matt Burke

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My kids and I spent several days on whidbey and down on the key penninsula. Had a lot of fun, saw fish, but didn't catch. Just let them toss buzz bombs as it was the fastest way to get them fishing. We did some mighty fine camping. Gonna try a lake and see if they can't get a fish tomorrow.

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Bob Balder

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Great job Matt, I concure, the editing is superb. "When I'm 64", perfect.
Obviously a good dad, you are doing it right. One day you will turn around and they will be on their own.
Keep making those memories!

Matt Burke

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Yeah, just didn't have time to run through all the fly fishing lessons. Off Whidbey you could see fish jumping and it drove the kids nuts so they fished harder. The camping with smores and lot of eats. Pop, pop and more pop. Had firewood from the dryside which made the state campgrounds smell better. When we stayed at Joemma Beach, we pulled into camp, set up the tent quick like with just a foot print tarp below the tent and an A-frame tarp over the tent. I could see rain clouds rolling north towards us and knew it might be thick. As we are leaving a torential downpour starts, but we had to be at an old(35 years ago) girlfriend's cabin by dinner. So off we went and if the Army and living in the woods didn't teach me anything, we would find out on our return. It was raining so hard, the drops splashed back up from the assphalt. I figured we were screwed. We got back and there was one tiny wet spot that a wash cloth dried up. Our neighbors didn't fair as well. They were from a place on the other side of the planet and must have immigrated here at some point. Nice family. Their dad was busy drying crap out so they could get to sleep. We threw our sleeping bags in the tent and them kids giggled they're asses off until after midnight. The next morning, started a very nice warm fire. The girls next door were about Taylor's age and looked over and smiled. They knew our camp was more fun than daddy's camp. But there is the unwritten rule, never interfer with another man's camp. So I got the kids up, fried up some fruit loops and we went fishing. I overwhelmed them with camping and day trips. Great memories.

Matt Burke

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Finally, got the kids into fish on Deer Lake. I mounted two seats on the back platform of the pontoon and off we went. Took a little strappin' to get her to balance in the water, but with all the boat wakes we were pretty stable. Got a small mouth and then when we found the plants, it was all over with power bait. Nice trout with like bite marks on them. Must be all the other fish in there attacking them. Man we had a good time. Perfect way to end my birthday and vacation.

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