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Yesterday I won a 12 ft radisson canoe in a raffle, I was very excited until I saw it. It appears to be made especially for hunting and/or fishing??? I don't think my family of three can safely fit in it and canoe? I have not yet told my husband :). I have it hidden from him.....yes, I know thats mean....I wanted to do some homework first....I know he would enjoy using it for hunting/fishing, but it would be nice to have something the whole family can enjoy. We have an 8 year old son, who is a little timid of boats, and this one seems a bit low to the water. I can't find much for the uses of the canoe on line, other than the description of how its made. Question..Can this boat be used safely for regular canoeing, i.e., floating down rivers with the three of us, or should I sell it and buy a "family" type canoe? We like canoeing, but as of thus far, have only rented canoes while on vacations. I think we would really like to own a canoe to travel the rivers and streams around our home. Are these good canoes or does any one have any suggestions about a good canoe to get for the "whole family" to enjoy. We do all enjoy fishing and/hunting, can you safely fish/hunt from "regular" canoes? Thanks for any input.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Congrats on winning your canoe! I had a similar 13' canoe, and it was OK for two people, as long as we didn't have too much stuff along. On one short trip, I had a 220 lb rider in the front seat, and it rode pretty low in the water. I'm about 170 lbs, and we had a 43 lb trolling motor battery, trolling motor, installed swivel front seat, small cooler, small pack, and fly fishing gear, plus an 8 lb mushroom anchor hanging off the bow....maybe 520+ lbs total, including the other misc. stuff. It was almost overloaded. Rode very low in the water. It was OK, since we were on the lower waters of a glassy, protected tidal creek and were just out for a couple of hours.

I don't think a 12 foot canoe is long enough to safely take your family out on the water, unless it is very protected, and not moving much. You would not be able to take much gear with you, and might be pretty cramped with three people in it. In big water, wakes from larger boats would be a concern, especially if you were riding low in the water. A slow, smaller river with no rapids might be doable. Small "no motor" lakes, and ponds would be OK. Your 12 footer sounds like it would be about right for two people (not too heavy), or a hunter and his dog.
For your family, if you want a canoe, and you want to be safer, you might want to sell the 12 footer and get a bigger one, at least 15 feet, maybe 17 feet or longer. You should discuss this with your husband! He might just know something or have his own opinion. By any chance, is it one of the models with the foam sponsons attached to the outsides of the hull, just below the rails?
Yes it does have grey foam strip things running along the sides...I was just hoping to surprise my husband, his birthday is coming up....LOL....but i guess I will have to let him in on my secret....I could of used him unloading it!!!


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