Bellingham area Salmon

I am looking for areas to fish for salmon off the beaches near bellingham. I have hear of a couple places such as sandy point and the area around. I will be going out to lummi island to fish off the beach at one of the points and am curious if anyone knows if lummi island fairs well or if there are other places that fair while fishing for salmon off the beach. Thanks for all the reply.
The beach area next to the ferry terminal is great anytime between July 15 thru Aug 31 . . . never fished it in the fall, too busy fishing the Stilly! Every thing tyed in pink, pink/orange/white, pink/white or natural baitfish colors worked well in weighted and non weighted flys. Never knew what would hit, silvers, king, humpy . . . oh by the way... incoming tide and high slack were best.

Noosack is usually good for silvers.

Let us know what happens in the fall.

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