Anyone hit any West Seattle beaches recently?


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I believe he was asking about the Republic of West Seattle beaches, where he lives.
If that is the case, EXTREMELY SLOW really doesn't tell the whole story.
Self investigation my be warranted.
hmm. well considering the mud porch is in my zip code, perhaps the "investigation" should be a community one (like those conducted in the admiral pub).
hmm. well considering the mud porch is in my zip code, perhaps the "investigation" should be a community one (like those conducted in the admiral pub).
Haven't been down fishing at Lincoln Park in the last couple of weeks as I've been fishing the Soqualmire SF/MF and over in Eastern WA.
The Admiral Pub is only three-floor blocks down the street from a date and time and I'll help aid the investigation anyway I can. I've seen the good Mayor several times in the hood, most times being chauffeured to work via the Admiral Starbucks.
Fished Lincoln Park yesterday evening until dark right after the thunderstorm. I fished the bay around the point where the pool is. There was one small (14") fish occasionally jumping down by the kelp bed and I briefly got to strikes once on a fast strip of a sparse Clouser. I saw one nice salmon (maybe 5lb) jump once about 40' out further down the beech. I didn't have a beech popper/slider so don't know if there were other fish. No birds were working. On the walk back at dark I saw no fish action all the way down to the ferry and the water was glassy by then.

Fished Carkeek last week on an outgoing tide....Nada!
Fished Picnic Pt Friday morning on an incoming and hooked/released a flounder...
Saw only shakers in the vicinity.. A fellow angler did see a good sized salmon from a distance being chased by a sea lion and that was it.
Again fished Picnic Pt Saturday evening on an incoming....Zilch!
Again only saw some shakers jumping around...
I was hoping the rain we've been having lately would spur some activity....
Anyone give it a shot today??
Since this thread reminded me that I haven't been down fishing at Lincoln Park for a while, I headed down there after dinner tonight to fish the approaching low tide (8:48pm). I talked to a couple gear guys who had been down there for a couple hours and they hadn't caught anything but saw some salmon rolling around not too much before I arrived. Lady Luck was looking over my shoulder as I caught a nice 19" coho after only 10-15 minutes of fishing using a small green/white clouser minnow. My fish was also missing part of it's tail, most likely due to a seal attack. I stayed and fished a little while longer but the wind kicked up and it began raining a little bit. I packed it a little while later just as it was starting to get dark and harder to see.
I fished M11 south of Seola beach for the last few days morning and night. Briefly hooked a silver, caught one rocksole, and two little bitty turds... I'm taking my boat Sunday and getting as far away from this side as I can!

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