Steelhead H2O at Kloan

I went down to Kloan last winter while Chukar hunting and I'm thinking about fishing there for steelhead. I am wondering if anyone can shead some light.

(I already know that it is a bitch to get there, especially with 2 feet of snow on the ground.)

If you are familiar with this area and don't mind sharing, please send me a PM.

Ryan Buccola

I ain't broke but brother I am badly bent

You should be able to find some good water there. You may need to hike up or down...but that is the holy counts look good too. Your right it is a bitch to get in there...unless you have a sled of course.
There is good water all over that lower river. Just pick your spot and get there before the jet boats. You should find fish in and around Kloan from now until winter. You will have many buckets and runs you can share with everyone else there.

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