dove hunting around crab creek

hey me and my dad have not hunted dove and have seen some while dirt biking the dunes. so i was wondering if there are a lot of birds there or should we head more towards mattawa. any tips for hunting them would help thanks.:beathead:

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Hit & miss . . . lots of doves up that way, but land access can be a beeatch (too many guides leasing too many fields, but . . . if somebody offered me $10K for exclusive use of my backyard, I'd likely take the $$, too. We're a economic society & farming nowadays can be a tough row to hoe.). Look for trees, water and both on a line from agricultural fields. Doves like to follow the land . . . gullies, fencelines, creeks, "edges," etc. I still have access to private ground north of Pasco, so Monday should be "HOT!" Good luck, FF. (P.S. You don't "hunt" doves . . . you merely shoot at them until you run out of shells . . . excellent on the barbie, howsomever . . . ).


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