got a bitchin' trout recipe in the email today

David Loy

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Bacon's good, "fat equals flavor". Why not chocolate dipped or trout s'mores?

Maniacs put lemon on anything remotely related to fish or seafood (and over spice it too). Yes, it is good in some recipes but isn't an automatic in my book.

Little salt, pepper, butter, and a stick.:)

David Prutsman

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Has anyone here tried cooking their fish on an Alder or Cedar plank? I often hear people who use planks to do their cooking never go back to anything else. I'd love to hear someones experiences with them!

I've been doing a little reading about it through this site, sounds pretty damn good! This family owned company does business out of Longview.


Milt Roe

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David - Cedar planked fish is awesome, but I've never done it in the oven as the nwplank site suggests. I like it pretty smokey. I don't cook salmon any other way unless I have to. This is just too good.

Soak the plank for a few hous in water. Put it on the grill and get the plank good and hot first. Then put a little olive oil on it. Rub the flesh side of the fish with a little olive oil too. Put fish on skin side down. I like to season with garlic and dill or Johnny's. Cook with the BBQ cover down on a pretty hot flame so it smokes to suit your taste until its done - keep a water bottle handy in case of flare-ups. Should be a nice light bronze color when done. Works best with salmon or trout IMO. But I've also done halibut that way. No reason you couldn't compliment the fish with bacon while you cook it, but I'm trying to be a little more healthy lately. There's been too much bacon in my past.


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The key to producing good fish on the BBQ is the same as successfully smoking fish - start with the very best fish you can get your hands on.

In that line starting with store bought trout produces an uphill battle for good fish. We are bless here in the PNW with access to some very good fish - all we need to do is go fishing and take reasonable care of what we catch.

If you like trout on the BBQ I can not recommend strongly enough that you get your hands on some fresh kokanee (best if caught in May, June or July). Use your favorite reciepe but I like simple - as good as salmon/steelhead/trout that I regularly eat. A high lake brook trout chilled over night in the snow and cooked over an open fire is a close second.

For now I think I'll throw a piece of fresh coho on grill - put brown sugar and lemon pepper on it is the plan for tonite. Will serve it with sauted summer squash and steamed Yukon gold potatoes fresh from the garden, a nice toss salad and toasted rolls. Damn I getting hungry.

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