Any recent reports from Rattlesnake?

Trying to get out with a buddy (Curtis) for a fix some time in the next week and am wondering how anyone has been doing on Rattlesnake lately. We had a great night there 6-8 weeks ago, but that is when the levels were still pretty low. Seems that a Green Carey Special on a floating line the last hour or two before pitch black was the ticket.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hope all are well and getting some time in the water.


Mike S

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I was hoping to hear a report as well, anyone fished out there?

If you want some stream fishing there are the forks (Snoq) and they are fishing well, I was out there this morning and hooked fish to 13" (yeah, small but big for the south fork).



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I will be there early saturday. I will be sure to give a report. Too bad it will be so warm........ If anyone else will be there I will be bombing around in a white fiberglass boat with an electric motor, two guys drinking beer...Oh fishing too!
What happened to my favorite carnival barker, enforcement vigilantee and snake oil salesman Rattlesnake Lake Fly Guy? Where the hell did he go? I got some real gut splitters reading his craziness. He's got a report for you I'm sure. Duffer
moved to Spokane iirc..didn't he have an AK trip planned sometime this summer as well? I'll say that this site is entertaining ( but hey, so am I after a few wind knots, etc)


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Fished it in Friday during the late afternoon til about 7. There was a strong north breeze which died to calm water by about 6:30, still no hathes coming off. Surface water temp was 63. Hooked and landed one with a few other missed strikes....I'd wait a week or two until the fall temps drop. I'd stay with the rivers for awhile.


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My report from yesterday-sunday
fished from 7-12
1 fish
fly that caught a fish, with the only missed strikes as well: san juan worm
flies that didnt work-various soft hackles, buggers, you name it
my buddy was using hardware-everything in his tackle box- no strikes

So my report:


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