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Mike S

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I am new to tying and have some basic patterns down, (EHC, Buggers, Adams, etc).

Is there any requirements to participating in a Swap?



colton rogers

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you have to sent enough for each person to get one, or how ever many the swapmeister sets it up to be. for example if there are 10 people and everyone is supposed to get one of each back you will tie 10 flies and get one of your back but that extra would be a good back up in case something happened to one fly that you sent. i would like to do a swap but i don't think im good enough to let other people see my flies.

Ed Call

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I'm a new tier and was reluctant to start joining swaps. I'm been in a half dozen or more now and i'm sure that my flies are usually the most inferior of the batch. Some guys have notified me that they've caught fish on my flies or that the flies look nice. I join not to short change the other tyers, but to get practice producing multiple of the same flies, to get more patterns and make contact with more members here.

Now jump right in.

Jerry Daschofsky

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You know, it's good to do these swaps. I feel it actually helps you tie better. Why you may ask? The more you tie, the more you hone your skills. You may not be doing it right by the books, but you will find your own way and get better. You won't if you only tie a couple and stop.

So yes, jump in and join a swap.
Getting into swaps is a great way to hone your skills, especially if your a new tier. Sitting down and tying...say, a dozen flies, all the same size, same materials, same everything, builds muscle memory. You'll be able to do things without thinking about it. You'll also see your flies improve from the first to the last.


Ed Call

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Ron's point is so great. I once entered a swap and tied up 14 flies for a 8 tyer swap. I sent out the last eight I tied because they were good, the earlier ones I kept to fish myself. They work, but the latter ones looked better. If you host one tyers will enter!

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