How'd the opener go?

How'd everyone do at the opener this year?

Me and a buddy went out to Colville, for grouse early today...didn't see a single one. Frustrated to say the least.

Let's hear the reports:

Geese Management 2B:
Forest Grouse:
Cottontail and Snowshoe Hare:

Saw one cottontail today on the trail, missed him by a long shot. Going to sit tomorrow for some deer so we'll see what happens.
Went up on the ridge at sun rise and 0 on the grouse.
Had a cool time anyway. I walked into a herd of elk and could have taken a big spike at least 3 different time.
Caught a fish poacher at Clear lake. Turned them into the game guy.
I guess the morning was a good.

Matt Burke

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That whole area is sweet within the following borders; Highway 2, the columbia, 90 and 97. There is a lot of Turkey up there too.
Went down to a friend's ranch in Central Oregon. Fished on Sunday and all four of us got our limits of dove on Monday morning. Broke out the bacon, pepperoncini, and barbecue and had a real nice lunch.

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